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The One With The Magic Beans

I recently rerun FRIENDS again from the very beginning, since my hubby was never regularly watched it before. It turns out that he kinda love it and cant stop laughing especially on almost every Joey’s scene. Gosh, me myself never get bored of that best show ever! Watching it over and over again is always an amusement J

So far we almost finish the 3rd season. Usually we watch 3-5 episodes a day while we’re having lunch or dinner. That’s one of many great things of being a freelancer, both of us. Who can laugh their ass of at 2 PM watching FRIENDS while eating lunch on a carpet? Oh so you can too? Good for you! :p

It is not only the show is amusing, but also we can learn many things from it. Its like having a moral of every episode. That’s the great thing about TV series “bule”, unlike what we’ve got here in Indonesia, the sinetron thing… what did u ever get from it? Lesson learned? I dont think so… Or maybe u do so? Tell me 😀

There’s this one episode on season 1, “The One With The Magic Beans”, that always gets me every time. Its about Rachel that just got her first paycheck from being the waitress at the coffee shop, which is so not worth it for her! The Visa people called and asking about an usual activity in his account, the “not using it anymore” since she decided to go with all this independency things. As if that’s not enough bites for a day, her gang from the uptown come visiting to the coffee shop, and they’re all like got engaged, having a baby and just got a promotion! Don’t even believe that being a waitress is something real for a living. Well, being a waitress is not a good trade for an orthodontist she bailed :p

Once in a while, I guess we all have our lowest point like Rachel does here. When everything just going perfectly wrong and its as if we’re taking a wrong decision and having a big regret for it. There’s when we need a friend for most, to remind us about our magic beans!

Silly Phoebe told Rachel, that maybe she’s just in a way of climbing to get her magic beans. Thou Jack giving up a cow and Rachel giving up an orthodontist, that’s not like Jack doesn’t love that cow! 😆 It just that maybe sometimes in life, you gotta have the guts to let go of something big in your life, in order to get a greater one! The magic beans.

And never even once, you let yourself think about “What if that’s not a magic beans, but just beans?”, cause me do believe in Law of Attraction. Also try to look around… your magic bean doesn’t have to be something a money can buy. Surrounded by loving people around you, that’s a magic bean. Just like Rachel, her magic bean was the new friends in her new independent life 🙂

Just never afraid to chase something that you know it would be worth the price, and I don’t even talk about money here.

Have u found your magic beans?

I’ve got mine 


One comment on “The One With The Magic Beans

  1. ndu.t.yke
    January 14, 2017

    That dentist guy? Barry? He cheated on her with Mindy so I guess it was a good thing Rachel left her. He wasn’t that handsome anyway, lol. Jauh lah klo dibanding Ross.

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