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Today’s my best friend’s Mega wedding day! It’s a great party and it’s a shame we didn’t take a lot picture together since she’s been too busy with the guests. I left right after I handed her my precious gift I just got yesterday! It is a hard deal to find a perfect gift, and still the economical one, for someone’s wedding! But after reading this I guess you would not having the same problem as I did this time.

Why trouble yourself going to some grocery store, or mall, or anywhere else if you could just shop from your own house? Now you can just sit back in front of your lovely computer and surf to ShopWiki to start finding all your needs!

Simply just register there and then you can start to find any perfect gift, for any occasion, through the Gift Guides. There are also many categories you might want to try such as accessories, arts and crafts, or maybe books,movies,music? It’s your call. You can also try to look up to your favorite brand from A to Z! It’s right there baby!

And the best news is that everything is on sale on ShopWiki! Means better deal and more saving for you!

And what would be better for a newly wed to give than Kitchen Appliances??? There are large items like the refrigerator or Oven or Dishwasher. Yes I know that sounds like too much for a gift, oh you :p, but don’t forget, if you’re lucky, you might get it on a sale price! And the easy factor… don’t forget that too! There’s more of large appliances you can find it here. There’s also many smaller stuff you could get for your kitchen!


I wish I knew it just a few days ago, I could just get Mega one of Food Processors such as Cuisinart or maybe KitchenAid. She loves to cook! And FYI, food processors just way much better than blender! It has more sharp blends and it is wider than blender.


Or maybe you might want to give your newly wed’s friend a dinnerware! This is just what every newly wed needs! They should want to have their kitchen look beautiful and match. Here you can find many plates, teacup, mugs and anything that will make the kitchen looks sweet in many colors and size.


When there’s a dinnerware, you might want to give them, or just for your own collection, flatware! Maybe salad fork, or dinner fork, or any kind of knives!!! Don’t forget the spoons too. For any of your needs, you can find it here, again in more economics and easier way on ShopWiki’s Kitchen Appliances.

Lets go shopping then! Ah… if it’s not for your best friend’s wedding, do it for your own wedding!!! Geez… how I really love to get married…



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  2. lala
    April 5, 2009

    hooo… Mending beli buat kostan br gw..

  3. rachael
    April 6, 2009

    Thank you for the helpful information. I bookmarked your site, and I hope you keep up the good work on making your blog a success!

  4. Tigis
    April 7, 2009

    kyk2xnya gue mencium bau dollar di sini Nat :mrgreen:

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