If its Not So Important To U, Well It Is For Me

some things are better left written

Geeezzz… Im Hesitating…

entering the state of hesitation

i know i shall figure out what and where am i now but that feeling comes again… the doubt….

fear of not knowing, thou i know that knowing is not something we earn easily… then how am i supposed to know?

is it enough with comfort? is it really what i feel or is it just what i want to feel?

i have no faith for what i am not sure about… still this rush fears me…

cant tell… so i dont wanna go for it… i am living my fears and i
know that it sometimes hurt me at the very end… but everyhurt made me
scare even more! and this vicious circle never end…

i havent get convinced… but was conviction a result? was that true? than i’l never get it then before i start anything that will made a result?

dont wanna loose but feel that there’s nothing to loose…

aaaaaaaaaaarh it sucks!!!!

i hate to be in this situation!!!! i hate my own thought and my anxiety that never leave me!!!


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