If its Not So Important To U, Well It Is For Me

some things are better left written

what if u feel like u’re in love with someone…
but dont get love ini return?
or maybe not that kind of weird thing love…
u just like someone… has crush on that someone…
but he/she never figure it out?
or maybe he/she found out…
and then he/she runaway?
or maybe not runaway,,,
but dont buy ur feeling at all?
or maybe just like this…
u dont know what do u really feel..
u dont know what someone really feel about u…
was that some kind of waiting in vain?
will u go for it?
or will u just let go?
is that worth enough ur time?
ur heart…
ur life?

loving u it hurts sometimes…

im standing here u just dont buy..

im always here u just dont feel…

or u just dont wanna feel…

its red…

coz when it feels…

ur bleeding inside..

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