If its Not So Important To U, Well It Is For Me

some things are better left written

life goes on…

hey… long time no see, blog!!!! heheheh… life keeps turning on…

me in my 6th smester… wow… time movin so fast rite now!!!! it’s already a month…almost actually… no different…

ipk keep fallin down… 2.9… i cant graduate before it reach 3 again!!!! still my mission is to get the hell out of here successfully next year!!! AMIEN..

with him is always nice… always gets better… i love him… cant wait for that "one day" we dream about… there’s no doubt anymore… i know that we sure belong together… mums take it better now… maybe she realized that this just the way it is… i’ve chose him to be the one… hahahha…. so naive yet so pure..

op again…. latest one…i hope i get better mark for this… RoB!!! damn… still havent got anyone to be my op.. jaki offers himself but it impossible u know!!! what the annamnese??? i dont get anycloser with his family since the first and the only time i met them… i should get to know him and them without anystupid test…

mum always tells me 2 finished my s1 and ASAP continue to s2.. but i just figured out that i dont want that… i’ve planned my own future… how can i tell her?? i dont wanna dissapointed her at all but i also dont want to do what i dont even wanna do!!! i wanna graduated in my 21th… get a job… a nice one i hope… then get married!!!! raise a child… 3 or 4 maybe… hehehe… what a nice dream… no… not only dream… my future 2 be!!! AMIEN…

life goes on… life just goes on…

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